Little Book Of Secrets

It may have taken me nearly two weeks to do, but here are some images of some of the Little Book Of Secrets featured on the Create and Craft show on December 6th.  The book measures about 6cm (2 1/4″) sq.  Ages ago I made a whole load of little books about  4 or 5cm sq, and, whilst teaching at Chepstow Castle this year, I was re-inspired to make more by one of the lovely ladies (also called Liz) who had made some super little books.  So thanks Liz – inspiration is a two way thing sometimes!


The cover for the book is stamped into warm Friendly Plastic (I used a mixture of heat gun and hot water to make the plastic ready to accept the stamp.

 You can see the spine of the book that I completed on the show from this angle.


Here are some views of the inside of the book. I am not naturally a scrapbooker, so please forgive the basic nature of the pages. I did enjoy adding in a bit of Friendly Plastic as well. I can see me making more of these to showcase some small sample piece of Friendly Plastic, in fact you can use them to put anything you like inside.


They may be out of focus but you can see how easy it would be to use some of the other techniques to make book covers. This first one is made in the same way as the StarFlakes, and the second has been created by using small sections of Ooozed FP.


Why do books have to remain on the shelf? I rescued these and turned them into jewellery. They are made in exactly the same way, but on a smaller scale. The pendant is smaller than a 50 p piece,measuring less than 2.5cm sq (7/8″). The closures are joined jump rings that loop over a Friendly Plastic bead.


I have to say that the earrings were really fiddly to do, but I love a challenge!

Below is anther image of the pendant

 This small book was made by pushing a Peel Off into warm Friendly Plastic (heated with a heat gun to make it sticky).


I kept the pages simpler (I had run out of time to do anything more complex before the show and any way, I like te simpler style).  This one is 2.5cm sq (1″)


I had a lot of fun doing these books, and if all goes according to plan, the next show will include new kits in new colours plus a beaded bracelet kit as I will be focussing on jewellery. Oh, didn’t I tell you? The next show is scheduled for the 5th January at 9am. Keep your fingers crossed for no snow! Also keep your eyes on the schedule or this blog, just in case things get changed around again!

Hopefully I will get time to post again before Christmas, but just in case I don’t, I will wish you all a fabulous Christmas, and a creative, healthy and happy New Year.