DVD ideas

I need your advice: I am planning to make another DVD and I would like to canvass opinion about what you would like the DVD to be about. OK, it obviously going to be about Friendly Plastic, but what angle would interest you most? Are you wanting to know more about how to make beads and use Friendly Plastic for jewellery making? Do you want to know how to make masks? Are you interested in textile applications for Friendly Plastic? Do you prefer projects or techniques on a DVD?


Even more specifically, what particular things would you like to see covered for instance how to put on a brooch back, applying Friendly Plastic to other materials, free forming FP, creating a 3D item such as a bowl or box, sealing FP, using Envirotex with FP, colouring FP with inks, recycling FP by applying metal flake and pigment powders etc. texturing and colouring to create faux finishes.


These are all broadly speaking techniques, would  you prefer complete projects to be covered which would inevitably include non FP things such as putting on jewellery findings etc, or folding and gluing paper into a book for instance.

Whatever thoughts you have about this, I would love to hear them, you can respond to the poll below or make a comment on this post or email me at lizwelch@rarebird.ltd.uk. It takes a lot of thought and effort to produce a good quality DVD and I want it to contain things that you really want to know about, not just things I fancy doing!

By the way, I hope to announce the new Create and Craft dates very soon, just need to confirm stock availability.