Other Clever Folk

Today, instead of showing you some of my work, I thought I would share with you some fabulous creations made by two very clever people – Kate Gatti and Sam Butler.  If you follow other Friendly Plastic blogs then you may have seen their work, but for those that have not done so, here is how other people use Friendly Plastic:

Kate Gatti’s beautiful pendants made with Linda Peterson’s Nail Polish technique (see post of 9th January) and some peel offs

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Above are some beautiful brooches made by Kate using the jigsaw cutter (which does interlock perfectly by the way)

Check out Kate’s website for more of her lovely work. http://katecharlescrafts.co.uk/

Sam Butlers quirky fridge magnets above remind me of little alien folk.  Here are more of Sam’s creations:

Clever things to do with experiments.

Articulated bracelet

Beautiful dragon flies.  You can see these and more on Sam’s blog  http://sam21ski.blogspot.com/

And yet  another example of Sam’s talent.

If you have work you are proud of and would like me to feature it either here or in my gallery, do please send me good clear photos and I will do my best to show the world what can be done with Friendly Plastic.