Varnishes and Griddles

Firstly, thanks again to you all for all the lovely comments and emails I have received.  Amongst those emails was a really interesting one from Bob who told me that he had found a Kampa Fry Up Electric Griddle for around £22 and it is working perfectly as a dry griddle for Friendly Plastic.  If you want to find out where he got it  from, and see what he has made using it, then go and check out his blog.  What a star Bob, thank you for sharing the information with everyone, it is really useful to know.  You can find it on Bob’s post for the 6th February 2011.  If you scroll down, you can see that he has been road testing the Friendly Plastic he bought for his wife for Christmas and has made some super things. 

Now to the varnishes part of the post.  I mentioned in the last post that I might have some new varnishes or sealants  for Friendly Plastic for you, well now I do.  You can check them out on the website at under Glues and Sealants.

I have a range of the Duraclear varnishes in Matte, Satin and Gloss.  These are the ones I use regularly, they brush on easily (slightly milky as they go on), and they dry clear and flexible in anywhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the thickness of the coat and the temperature and humidity of the room.  Brushes wash out in water.  These varnishes are what I choose to use when I am creating 3D pieces – beads, bowls, masks, boxes etc).

Below are images of the different polyurethane varnishes as they appear on some stamped Royal Blue Friendly Plastic.  The Left hand image has been simply stamped, the right hand image was stamped, washed with cream acrylic paint and touched with a bit of gold Rub n Buff.

This is the gloss varnish and it gives a nice high shine

This Satin Varnish is lightly less shiny (hard to show in a photo), but does just a as good a job at protecting your Friendly Plastic as the gloss version.


Hopefully you can see that the matte varnish  seals but does not shine, in fact it pretty much leaves the Friendly Plastic looking like it did before the varnish was applied which can be very useful when gloss finishes are unsuitable. I particularly like this look for when I want an old, worn or subtle look to the finished Friendly Plastic article

I find it is better to build up a number of layers if you want a deep finish with these particular varnishes rather than one thick layer, but if you want a really high gloss brush on varnish then I now also have a Triple Thick varnish which also works really well and stays flexible.  Brushes wash out in water too.

The Triple Thick Varnish takes a bit longer to dry (1-4 hours) but does give a nice thick glossy coating which I find particularly good for beads.  It is quite viscous or goopy as opposed to the others which are really pretty fluid.

For a little bit of drama and sparkle you could go for the Sparkle Varnish which has tiny glittery bits init and goes on white, but dries clear with sparkly twinkly bits.  I love this for beads.

All the bottles of varnish come in 59ml (2 fl oz) bottles except the Matte Varnish which I could only obtain in 8fl 0z bottles at the moment.  The small bottles start at £2.50

Don’t forget that these varnishes are great for other things rather than just Friendly Plastic, they will coat all manner of things.

So now I have a pretty good range of coatings for your Friendly Plastic Projects ranging from the Matte Varnish above, through all levels of glossiness right up to MagicGlos and Envirotex Lite which give a really thick extremely glossy and super protective  finish.  Hopefully that is most bases covered!