Pegi’s Bracelets

I just had to share these with you.  Pegi Tiedtke took a shine to the beaded bracelet I featured on Create and Craft and she has made her own very superior versions.  I am really impressed.  Pegi posted them to the Friendly Plastic Yahoo group (see link in the side bar).

Pegi says she made the leaves using a plunger sugarcraft cutter which she oiled.  I strongly recommend taking great care using the plastic sugarcraft cutters, you really do need to oil them carefully (not copiously, but carefully), because it is very easy to get Friendly Plastic stuck to the plastic cutters and then the two plasitcs really do not want to come apart – separation let alone divorce is nigh on impossible!

Dont they look fabulous!  I love the variety of sizes and shapes, it really adds interest to the bracelet.  the addition of little bought beads enhances the striking and unique Friendly Plastic beads.

Pegi, you obviously got the hang of Mylene’s hole making method where you cool the bead quickly in cold water so the outside hardens but the inside stays soft enough to be able to push a needle tool through without distorting the shape.