Trade Show and Create and Craft Dates

I am delighted to let you all know that I have another date for Create and Craft TV – Monday 7th march.  I need to check things out but the Friendly Plastic show might well be on Ideal World instead of C&C.  More on this after the trade show.

Speaking of which, tomorrow the Hobbycraft and Stitch International trade show begins at the NEC Birmingham and I will be there demonstrating FP for Potterycrafts (K12) for the three days of the show, so if you are coming along, please do pop by and say hello.

Here are some rather poor images of a quick show sampler book that will hopefully help to illustrate just how versatile FP can be. I have been rootling around in my boxes to find the samples, and they are simply mounted on black card  with a few words of explanation, so even if I am not demonstrating, people can see what is possible.

The book is pretty rough and ready but does stand open all the time so people can see the samples.

The eyelets around the holes for the binding rings are made from Friendly Plastic too.

If you have been making lots of little bits with your Friendly Plastic, then why don’t you mount them up with some notes and then you won’t forget how you did something. Over a period of time you will be amazed by how many different techniques you have tried out, and all the different effects you have discovered.

I won’t be posting whilst I am at the show, but I will try to share some more things with you afterwards.  And my apologies if you are thinking of placing an order with Rarebird whilst the show is on, please do so, but nothing will be dispatched until after the show.  Apologies too to those of you who are expecting me to put up some images of their work on the website and blog, I have run out of time before the show, but I will try my best to catch up as soon as I can afterwards. 

Got to dash now as I have a lot to prepare for tomorrow which will be a bright and early start.  If you do come by and expect sensible conversation, try to come by early in the day because by the end of the show I will probably talking gibberish!  (Did I just hear someone say “what’s new then”!).