Show Time!

First and foremost, I have been told that the Friendly Plastic show will go ahead on Monday 7th March on Ideal World at 2pm.  So be prepared to have some fun with Cloud Clay and Friendly Plastic together.

Secondly, thank you to everyone who sent good wishes for the trade show, and especially to those who came along to say hello, it was really lovely to see so many friendly faces.  In fact I did not stop talking from 9am Sunday morning until the show closed on Tuesday evening.  Hopefully we have inspired a few more retailers out there to stock FP and become as passionate about it as we all are!

The little book of samples worked out really well as it was a talking point when people stopped for a demo.  They wanted to see what Friendly Plastic could do, and rather than repeat all the things I have done a million times before, I could direct them to the book to choose something they would like me to show them.  It made them realise just how versatile FP can be, and from my point of view, it ensured that I got to do a variety of demonstrations rather than the same old ones I have done so many times before.

Don’t get me wrong, I still did make a few Lacework pieces and a little bit of Oooze (they are still my favourites), but I got to show a lot of other things as well.

One of the key things I wanted to get across was how easy it is to use papercrafting bits and pieces with Friendly Plastic to make jewellery (which is such a hot topic and right up my alley).  Peel Off stickers are so often left in the cupboard because they can be a bit naff if not used carefully.  I have a large collection of them that most people would turn their noses up at.  Take a look at this picture below (hastily taken in less than ideal conditions I am afraid) and see what you think – the long beads  are rolled with Peel Offs.

The beads are about 5cm long and I made them using my ‘Tubead kit with Mother of Pearl Friendly Plastic, and a silver Peel Off sticker that I think was meant to be a horse, but looks even less like one when wrapped around a gently curving Tubead.

Another item that often sits in people’s craft cupboards are Rub Ons (Letraset style transfers).  These make fabulous top decoration for beads.  In the necklace below I coloured some FP with permanent pens (Promarkers) , gently heated the plastic and rubbed on the transfers (not absolutely necessary to heat, but I like the way they blend into the FP better).  The result is beads that no one would know were made from Friendly Plastic and Rub Ons, they look contemporary and fun and full of colour.  Who’s to know that they only take minutes to make and cost a fraction of what it would be to buy something similar ready made (assuming you could find them).

I hope to turn these two into on line projects very soon as they are so much fun to do and really take hardly any time at all.

Remember to protect all your wearable FP items with a coat of varnish to stop the surface from being dulled through wear and tear.