Perhaps Not!

Well guess what;  it appears that there has to be another re-schuduling of the Friendly Plastic show (on Monday 7th March) , and what is more, no one has told me that this was happening – again.  Consequently, I have to let you all down – again, and I am very sorry – again.  On this occasion, I believe there was some misunderstanding which caused confusion and crossed wires.

What more can I say except when I regain my sangfroid I will find something interesting to post for you.

To everyone who popped by at Stitches trade show at the NEC,  it was lovely to see you all and I hope you enjoyed the show and saw lots of interesting things.  I only had half an hour at the end of the three day show to catch up with suppliers, and consequently failed monumentally to do so.  Ah well, I did get to go to a couple of interesting 10 minute seminars.

Enjoy your weekend.