I Believe!

After all that has happened over the last few months, I finally believe that there really will be a Friendly Plastic show tomorrow at 8am on Create and Craft TV!  It is in the schedule and apparently it was even announced earlier on today.  I have not had the confirmation phone call yet, but there is still time as it is only 11am.

I will feature the beaded bracelet from the January show and a new Cloud Clay and Friendly Plastic Kit for making focal beads that I had promised but so far failed to deliver.  Cloud Clay is brilliant for lots of things, and is particularly great for doing all manner of creative things with children.  I am not one for cutesy things, but I have made a mouse and a frog using Cloud Clay alone.  All I need to do is paint them.

Below are some of the little things I quickly made just using Cloud Clay.  I have already shown you in an earlier post some jewellery made with Cloud clay and Friendly Plastic, and the show tomorrow will focus mainly on combining the two things, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the following photos, even if it only shows you how inadequate I am at doing cute little critters.  Linda Peterson is the master when it comes to little creatures, I will have to take some lessons!

One smug frog

A bug-eyed and nervous mouse

The chap on the left looked too bland, the chap on the right looks a tad demonic.  Who would have thought that Sarah Lawrence’s mould could turn out Jekyll and Hyde!

A large petal cutter and a stamp made the petals, and the entire bloom was cradled in aluminium foil to maintain the shape whilst it dried over night.

Trefoil and Quatrefoil cutters used on thinly rolled Cloud Clay were layered up and pushed together using the end of a pencil.  Soooo simple – great for kids, but great for adults too.  I think I might turn these in to pencil toppers or jewellery, but the clay is so light it would be excellent for card toppers too.

Fingers crossed that all will go well tomorrow and I won’t fall over all my words – these little pills are having some effect but 8 o’clock in the morning is currently not my most coherent time of day!