Talent All Over The Place

Thanks Guys for all the wonderful comments both before and after the last Friendly Plastic show on Create and Craft.  Did you get to see any of Sarah Lawrence’s excellent products after my first show?

It is long overdue I know, particularly as I promised those concerned that I would show their fabulous work a few weeks ago.  Things conspired against me, and just as my little magic pills begin to make a real difference and I have some energy again, I have gone and got a rotten cold which is making me feel very sorry for myself!   Consequently I am still behind with everything and I have now had to search back through my emails to find all the wonderful photos of people’s work that  I should have had ready and waiting to blog about.  So if you have sent me photos of your work and I have failed to include them here, then I sincerely apologise.  Please send them to me again.  If you have work that you would like to share with everyone, but you have not sent me any photos, then why haven’t you?!

Anne Doble  created these wonderfully whimsical creatures from scraps.  I bet you are the sort of person who sees faces in the clouds Anne.  You have turned decorative offcuts into fabulous little characters that make me smile.

The drawing in the background brings the little scraps of Friendly Plastic to life, they are delightfully comical.

Anne tells me that all that pieces were the left over bits from making some Friendly Plastic Patchwork

I love the humour in these creatures.

I will be re investigating all my scraps with a different eye having seen these lovely little bits of nonsense, but unfortunately I don’t have Anne’s talent for drawing the backgrounds.

Hilda Gale made these lovely bottlecaps using my Oooze technique, and I think they look very smart in deed.

Sam Butler creates all sorts of wonderful things in Friendly Plastic and here she is using some sample pieces she made in the class with me and applied them to fabric.

Not only has she used her sample bits and bobs, but she has taken to heart my Peel Offs process and made a brilliant little box – so very neat and tidy Sam!


Sam Also made a bowl and laminated fabric to the back of it.

Zoe has also been busy making bowls

Zoe has made some masks too – great job, I love the colours.  I plan on doing a Create and Craft kit on masks in the not too distant future.

 Almost forgot to say that I will send a little something in the post to everyone who emailed in to the show last week, but Sam, you only count once!