Create and Craft 27th May

Slight change of plan regarding the Create and Craft Friendly Plastic show on Friday 27th (10am), nothing to be alarmed about though.  I had planned to be making masks, but sadly we cannot get the supply of masks in ready for the show, so they will have to wait until June  13th – please note that I have the June date already!

What are we doing on Friday then?  I intend to show you some of the many ways you can use transfer foils and embellishments to transform your Friendly Plastic projects.  So if you like the idea of customising your FP to suit your own needs, or want to recycle and re-colour your scraps, then tune in this Friday at 10am.

Here are a few quick pics of some of the samples I am preparing:

I am sure you are already familiar with the simple application of foils to Friendly Plastic – simply heat the plastic with a heat gun for a few moments until it is glossy, then apply the transfer foils, cool and peel off. However, the above image and the one below are slightly different to that. I have used a rubber stamp to creat the raised areas, applied the foils and then used mica powders to fill in the background

This picture shows 9 squares, 5 of which have been created in the way I describe above, the other 4 are simply stamped and rubbed with Gleams metallic wax (fabulous colours and they really do stay put).  The whole becomes the decoration for  a small ring binder file. The hand dyed cotton threads have been applied with a soldering iron.

This is for those of you who are allergic to Peel Offs!  I have used the Peel Offs as a mask, and coloured the areas that were not covered by Peel Off with transfer foil.  The Peel Off was removed and the recesses coloured with Mica Powder.

I have only mentioned a couple of the foiling techniques that are possible, but here are some pens made using Friendly Plasticfoils and embedded embellishments that use other techniques as well.

All of the above techniques are carried out on the reverse of a piece of Friendly Plastic, there are other things you can do on the coloured side too.

Transfer foils are so fundamental to the way I work with Friendly Plastic, it is hard to imagine working without it.  Perhaps you might begin to feel the same after Friday’s show.

I will also be doing a little bit of Oooze as well if I have time.