Cobra Silver Friendly Plastic

I hope you enjoyed the Friendly Plastic Create and Craft Show today, it was the first time I had worked with Nigel, and he was a pleasure to be with.  Thank you for all the emails, it is lovely to hear from you all. The lucky winner of the Mega Spotty Cup Dip (I can’t rember what Nigel called it!) will be receiving a pendant made from something we created on the show today.  And for all the others who emailed in for the first time today, you too will receive a little something in the post.  If I don’t already have your addresses on the emails, then I will contact you.

I can’t believe my luck, I have just managed to acquire some Cobra Silver Friendly Plastic!  It may not sound very important to some of you, but this is one of the colours that had become impossible to get hold of, and now I have a reasonable amount of it, although I don’t know for how long.  It is on the discontinued list, but suddenly, some has arrived out of the blue.

Sorry for the poor quality picture, but I was in a rush to let you all know, and I did not take another photograph.

The other thing I should let you know about is that I am now able to offer Friendly Plastic at £1.25 a stick – a huge price drop since the days of £1.70 a stick – make the most of it, I don’t know how long it will last for either!

Have a fabulous long weekend, I think we have all grown too used to them and a full working week is going to be hard to get used to again.