I thought I might brighten up my demo table at the Craft Barn Extravaganza with  some rather whacky flowers.  they are all made entirely out of scraps of Friendly Plastic.

In order to take this rather sub standard photo I had to hold my bunch of flowers in front of the tumble dryer as it was the only bit of well lit white space that I could find (it being rather dark now and I did not want to wait until tomorrow to post).

The Friendly Plastic “flowers” started out by accident – I was softening some scraps on a dry skillet in preparation to re-colour them and make some jewellery.  However, I found that I had accidentally incorporated a bit of cord into the FP and I could not easily remove it from the sticky surface.


I went ahead and re-foiled the molten scraps using odd bits of transfer foil on both sides of the plastic.  I then cut along the line of the cord and freeform modelled it into a weird vaguely flower like shape.  As a one-off, it was interesting, but not useful, so I decided to make 4 more  in the hope that repetition would endow the wild and wonky flowers with a degree of design.  Either that, or I was working on the principle that there is safety in numbers and one flower might look mad, but 5 looks intentional!

Not sure that I achieve the design element, but the “flowers” are fun, and make a change from making beads with my scraps.

The leaves are curled pieces of painted buckram.  If you are coming to Lingfield and the Craft Barn this weekend then you will see them in the flesh rather than the inadequate flash photos that time limitations have imposed.

I am really looking forward to meeting friends old and new.  If you are coming, do bring along things you have made (FP or otherwise), I don’t often get the chance to see what everyone else is up to, so If I show you my stuff, will you show me yours?