Sneaky Peek Masks

I had a FABULOUS weekend at the Craft Barn Extravaganza, and as soon as I have some photos I will fill you in.

But in the meantime lots and lots of people have asked me how to make masks using Friendly Plastic, and there are lots and lots of answers to this question: some of them I address in classes, and I also hope to have on-line tutorials on mask making too.  However I thought it might be fun to do a simple mask using Friendly Plastic on a compressed paper former for the next Create and Craft show on Monday 13th June at 3pm (I hope!).  This is the easiest and quickest way to creat a mask, and great for beginners.  The masks that I usually make, and many of you might have seen, are not made on formers, but as an introduction to this subject, a former is a great way to go.

The whole Friendly Plastic show on Create and Craft will be based around making masks, although I will, as usual have other samples at the ready to show that the techniques can be used for other things too.

A close up of FP fused to the mask former.

Before I made the above mask, I used the former to shape a Cloud Clay mask, the result is shown below.  There is no compressed paper underneath the decoration, just Cloud Clay.  You can use the same principle with Friendly Plastic.  The trick is to cover the former first with cling film if using Cloud Clay, or aluminium foil if using Friendly Plastic.

On this occasion I used white Cloud Clay which I painted with Colourful Thoughts multi surface paints (incredibly vibrant colours).  The stick is a bamboo kebab stick painted and covered with a flowery ribbon.  I had some lovely braid that matched perfectly for the edges of the mask.

I hope that has whetted your appetite for trying a spot of mask making.  Tune in to Create and Craft onJune 13th at 3pm for the demos.