Thank you for all your good wishes and positive thoughts regarding the missing masks for the Create and Craft show on Monday, I really appreciate them.  I have just had a phone call from Potterycrafts (who I freelance for) to say that because of the delay in locating the masks, the show will have to be postponed.  We can’t go to air without having stock to fulfill the orders, and I don’t have enough mask blanks to make up the show samples either.  So the only thing to do is to reschedule it.  I just don’t have a date yet, but as soon as I do I will let you know.

Sam, perhaps you are right and I am fated not to do masks on Create and Craft!  No, I am confident that all will be well, but I just can’t tell you when that will be yet.  Sorry to disappoint everyone, but maybe the anticipation of the show actually happening will have you all tuned in and on the edge of your seats, then again, maybe not!Here is a quick pic of one of the masks that has been painted with acrylic paints, acrylic wax and Mica PowdersFriendly Plastic  was heat set to the mask, and various embellishments have been added with glue. The cords are twisted yarns with Friendly Plastic Beads.  You wouldn’t fail to get noticed if you wore this mask, the pink is really shocking!