Talking Texture Clever Bods.

The last few weeks have flown by.  I went to give a talk and demonstration on my Friendly Plastic and Textile creations to Lincolnshire Embroiderer’s Guild.  I think that went down fairly well, at least everyone seemed full of questions and interest.  We did have a few interesting moments when the College’s PA system gave us some unexpected excerpts from the rehearsals for a Gilbert and Sullivan production happening in the theatre!  My thanks to all the lovely ladies who helped me with all my stuff.

Last Wednesday found me teaching a class at the Husqvarna Studio in Nottingham.  As I forgot (amongst a number of things) my camera, Jeannie Evans very kindly supplied me with the photos she took of the things people had created.  The class was called Talking Texture – we explored a range of different ways of creating texture in Friendly Plastic and how to enhance the texture with paints, powders and wax.  Everyone went home with a lot of pieces that they could turn into whatever they choose.


A particular success was the fragment stamping which  you can see bottom right in the picture above and middle left in the image below.  Jeannies stamping with lace turned into an Oooze piece and finally into something that resembles an expensive metal motif (bottom left in the image below).

This is just a sampling of what everyone made as they began to feel confident that they could create the textures they wanted, as well as some lovely happy accidents.  My thanks to everyone for making the day so much fun, it was a pleasure to be with you all.  Pam, the cards you made and gave to me are delightful, I would have put a picture in this post if I could find my camera – it must be lost under all the mess of making masks for Monday’s Create and Craft show.

The ladies on the class are not the only nimble fingered and creative souls that I want to showcase today.  Lizi Mattacola and Ildiko Cseh have sent me photos of some of their recent creations in Friendly Plastic, and I thought it would be nice to share them with you.

This charming bracelet was made by Ildiko Cseh using my Lacework technique, but all her own ingenuity!

She made this lovely pendant to go with it.  I hope the recipient of these beautiful gifts was suitably impressed Ildiko.

This gorgeous butterfly was made by Lizi Mattacola, and she has made it look really three-dimensional.  She tells me that she heated strips of FP arranged side by side on her halogen hob, and then pulled the comb from the middle to the outer edges. A cutter made the butterfly shape, and she coated it with Envirotex Lite.

Lizi makes hand-made stationery, and this fish is going to be included in her range.  She made it by heating 5 strips of FP and swirling them with a pin.  she then lightly rolled before cutting the fish shape with a sugarcraft cutter.  The bubbles on the card are little diamante gems.

This piece is Lizi’s experiment with Linda Peterson’s Glisten and Shine technique.  This is what she told me: “I had recently been experimenting with crystal lacquer and polished pigments in order to re-use my scraps of FP. I decided to try it out on the glisten and shine technique, instead of Genesis heat set oil paints. After coating the coloured side of the FP, then stamping onto the FP, I set the lacquer with the heat gun and added texture with an embossing tool. I think I’ll coat it with Environtex lite and turn it into a pendant.”

Off to find my camera now, I need to take some photos of all the masks for the show on Monday.  I will try and give you a few images to whet the appetite tomorrow, but I simply HAVE to find my camera first!