Masks On Monday

Too hot to do anything energetic today, except walk the dog and find my camera In the end I enlisted the help of the household and within moments my camera had been unearthed from a massive pile of things to sort which had slumped sideways and hidden the darned thing.

Having repossessed it, I made full use of it to take some images of the masks made using Friendly Plastic I will be showing on Create and Craft TV tomorrow at 3pm.  The pictures below are just glimpses, I will post full images after the show.

This Mask was inspired by the name of the blank design – Phoenix.  Stamped fragments of FP here highlighted with Gleams metallic wax  in pink, copper and gold.  I raided the box of fancy cords and edgings to come up with the beaded braid.

Wednesday’s Talking Texture class inspired this mask.  Included in their class pack was some lovely wide lace and a few of the ladies Ooozed through it creating a very pretty effect.  It seemed like a perfect starting point for a rather fancy but deceptively simple to make mask.

Transfer foils, glue, lace edging, reclaimed sequin type beads and some stamping and texturing  formed this full on design in the Venetian Carnival theme.

I hope you will enjoy seeing all the masks in full after the show, and if you get the opportunity to watch it, then you will discover that so many Friendly Plastic techniques are highly suitable for mask making and decorating.  The application of the plastic to the masks and some of the ideas I will present are also perfect for papercrafting projects and altered art.

Using Paper Mache blanks to work on is the easiest way to create your masks, but it is not the only way, and hopefully I will have time to pass on some ideas of how to make them without the blanks as a base.  I am also working on having a stock of mask blanks for sale, but sadly I don’t have them yet.