Peel Off Cloisoné Necklace in Friendly Plastic

Weird title I know, but I thought you might like to take a peek at a project I did for Make Jewellery magazine for their July issue.  Sadly I was in such a rush at the time I could not take photos of the piece before it went off to the magazine, which meant that I could not show you anything at the time the article was published.  That will teach me to take photos in a timely manner instead of the chaotic hit and miss approach that currently holds sway over my life!

Before I show you the project I just want to mention a couple of things.  Firstly thank you to everyone who was so patient waiting for their orders until I got back from my holiday.  We went to western Massachusetts (the Berkshires) and had a fabulous time witnessing a 2 hour Independence Day parade,

Visiting the Hancock Shaker Village and the totally marvelous Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio (Cubist art and Art Deco architecture) amongst lots of other things.

Secondly, there are still a couple of places on the Love Hearts Pendant workshop at the Husqvarna Studio (now called Coles Sewing Centre) in Nottingham for next Wednesday the 20th July.  Please see the classes tab at the top of the page and contact Husqvarna directly to book.

The third thing to mention is that everything seems set fair for another Friendly Plastic show on Create and Craft on the 25th July at 5pm (but PLEASE do keep checking the blog as things do have a nasty habit of changing!).  Friendly Plastic Pellets will be the order of the day.

OK, here are some images of the Azure Skies project for Make Jewellery magazine created using Peel Off stickers and Friendly Plastic.  I have also used my Tubead kit to create the curved tubular beads.

This is the necklace and earring set which is a mixture of Peel Off cloisonné Tuebeads, Round and Striped beads all made with Friendly Plastic.

You can clearly see the Peel Offs in action here.  I have found that some of the least pleasant Peel Offs work the best for this technique (the actual image does not really show very much, just the overall effect)

Very simple Round Friendly Plastic beads are enhanced with end caps and bought beads to provide a counterpoint to the other Striped Friendly Plastic beads.

The earrings that match the necklace are smaller Friendly Plastic Tubeads (I now have 4 sizes of cord in the Tubead kits) and even the small round beads have been covered with Peel Offs.

Who would have thought that something like Peel Offs which can appear so naff, could also be used to make something look really expensive and complex.  Here’s to the much maligned Peel Off sticker!