Playing with Pellets

I wanted to share with you the Jewellery I made for the last Create and Craft Friendly Plastic show.  Because we sold out of Friendly Plastic Pellets before the end of the show, they did not repeat it during the wee small hours.  Therefore I thought you might like to get a second chance to see some of the items from the show.

I had a ball with Leonie, she is so easy to be with, but perhaps that is because I have known her for donkey’s years.  The fact that she still looks 12 years old 14 years down the line is definitely galling, because I can’t say that I have weathered nearly as well!

Enough chat, here are the items from the show including the sample boards that I managed to leave at home – duh! This is what Friendly Plastic Pellets look like before they are softened.  Chuck them into hot water at 60 – 70 deg C and watch them go through a frogspawn stage until they become clear.  Swirl them up on the end of a needle tool and start playing.

Here are the boards that show what they look like when the Pellets have been coloured with different mediums.

Friendly Plastic Pellets coloured with Mica Powders in various amounts – creates tones.

Pellets coloured with Mica Powders and glitter – the colour of the glitter can really affect the overall colour.

Pellets coloured with glitter only.  The squiggles are lines of glue sprinkled with glitter.

Gilding Flake with and without Mica Powders has been used to colour the Pellets on this board

Mica Powders were used to colour the Pellets, but Rub On transfers have been applied over the top for some intricate patterning.

The mauve beads are made by wrapping a thin layer of coloured pellets (in this case with the inclusion of micro beads) over a base bead of recycled Friendly Plastic.  I added a strip of the same coloured sheet around navy Friendly Plastic beads.

The necklace below is made using irregular beads of Friendly Plastic Pellets coloured with Mica Powders and edged with transfer foils.

The same technique has been used to create the bracelet below but this time I used sticks of friendly Plastic (Red Print) which I coloured on the reverse with gold transfer foils and edged with copper transfer foil before warming, and twisting them up into the random folds you can see.

This is the same technique  without so much bling and using the scraps left over from making the colour sample boards above.

I think I will save the rest of the pieces for another post, or this one will be 10ft long and take ages to load.

I do have a date for the next Friendly Plastic Create and Craft show if you want to tentatively put it in your diaries – 25th August at 1pm. But I have some news of a 2 day Friendly Plastic course coming up in my next post – another in what has become a series of annual classes in amazing historic castles and abbeys.  So keep an eye out if you think you might be interested as places are limited.