Playing with Friendly Plastic Pellets Part 2

If you don’t always want metallic bling in your jewellery, then Friendly Plastic Pellets are the way to go.  You add the colour in whatever form you like – Mica Powders, Alcohol Inks, Gilding Flake, Pigment Powders, etc.  colour can be added after the Pellets have been warmed and shaped, moulded or stamped, by painting it on to the surface.  If you want colour all the way through then add it whilst the plastic is still warm and malleable and knead it in, re-heating as necessary.

Below are a couple of examples of Friendly Plastic Pellet jewellery made using the polymer clay milliefiore technique.  Roll out canes of colour, then assemble them together by heating briefly so they will stick to each other.  Heat the whole cane in hot water and roll to achieve a smooth outer edge.  Cool completely then slice using a very sturdy knife (eg a Stanely knife); this can be a tough thing to do, so I suggest making a narrow cane but cut larger chunks from it, and then heat each chunk in hot water and roll out to the desired size and thickness.

I distorted the discs and then threaded them with assorted bought beads.  The necklace was finished  with organza ribbon.

You can see the detail in the pattern and the irregularity of the discs contrasts well with the very regular bought beads.

The cane for this was a very simple 2 colour 4 cane roll which I foiled on the outside before slicing and rolling as above.  The discs in this case are thin and small enough for earrings and the gold edge to each disc comes from the foiling process.

Finally, this little kilt pin has drops of bought beads with Friendly Plastic Pellet beads on the end.  The beads are made directly onto the head pins which makes for easy assembly.  Twists of two coloured canes of Pellets were wound around to form little knot beads, whilst others were rolled.  The two elongated beads were coloured with mica powders and glitter.

The plan is to show a bit more about Friendly Plastic Pellets in the August Create and Craft show (25th at 1pm), but also something new to C&C, but I won’t tell you what just yet!

I am teaching a Friendly Plastic Class at Bojangle Beads in Loughborough on Sunday, so I must go and get sorted for that now.  Have a great weekend, and I will be back with promised news of a 2 day course in a castle.