Friendly Plastic Weekend at Caernarfon Castle

Following on from the last two years of weekend classes in historic Welsh buildings (Tintern Abbey and Cheptstow Castle), I am delighted to be able to let you know about another Friendly Plastic  course I am running in September at Caernarfon Castle.  As usual places are limited.  The last two years have been great fun, immersing ourselves in all things Friendly Plastic, but also absorbing the fantastic surroundings of the historic building, laughing a lot, socialising and eating good grub on Saturday evening, and generally exploring and sharing a passion for Friendly Plastic.

Friendly Plastic Mixed Media, Textiles and Textures

at Caernarfon Castle – 2 Day Course

A voyage of discovery combining Friendly Plastic with all manner of other things using the fabulous 14th Century Caernarfon Castle itself as inspiration.  24th and 25th September 2011.

This is a two day workshop, using the magnificent historical setting of Caernarfon Castle as inspiration for creating unique designs in Friendly Plastic. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and beautiful surroundings of the castle at the confluence of the Seoint river and the Menai Strait . Apply your Friendly Plastic skills to discovering techniques for integrating textiles, fibres and other media into your work. We will be working in a room inside a tower in the castle itself. Please note that this venue is NOT suitable for disabled students.

What We Will Do

Day One is about inspiration and learning techniques appropriate to mixed media and textile projects. This will include some old favourites such as Oooze, Lacework, and embedding, but we will also explore laminating, colouring and texturing, making buttons and adornments and fastenings. For those who have a project in mind, we can also spend some time planning and considering how best to tackle the issue. For those that don’t, then experimentation will be the focus on both days. Friendly Plastic can resemble so many different things, and learning how to do that will give you the control to make it really work for you in whatever project you have in mind.

Day Two is about your own creations and what you want to do – I will guide you on an individual basis through projects that you specifically want to create, and I will also help you explore and discover more ways of working with FP allowing you to take it in your own direction.

Although this course is about mixed media and textile applications for Friendly Plastic, many aspects of what we do will be of benefit to people who wish to work in other ways (papercrafting or jewellery etc).

Class times are from  10am to 4pm  each day.


My aim is to teach you how to introduce other materials into your Friendly Plastic projects, and how to introduce Friendly Plastic into your mixed media and textile projects. I want to inspire you to try out your own ideas,, and encourage you to explore techniques you have never tried before, hopefully giving you the confidence to push your boundaries using Friendly Plastic.

Who Is This Course Suitable For?

This course is suited to beginners and old hands alike. However it would be helpful to familiarise yourself with Friendly Plastic, it’s basic properties and some simple techniques before the course in order to get the most out of the two days. Check out my DVD Bend It Shape It for more in depth knowledge.

The Cost

Only £65 for two full days of tuition. Unless you live locally you will need to book accommodation, but there are plenty of B&Bs and small hotels in and around Caernarfon (the information I will send you if you want to enquire about the course lists some places to try)

For more information or clarification. or to book a place, please email me on

I can’t wait for this course, it is such a rare opportunity to revel in my passion for FP and my desire to share knowledge with everyone who wants it.

My thanks to Adrienne Goodenough who is the Lifelong Learning manager for Cadwr (the Welsh National Heritage organisation), she is the wonderful person who sets up the rooms in such fabulous locations, her contribution to the course is essential to not only the low cost of the weekend, but also the smooth running of the event.