Crock Pots

Just had some hot news from Kim Main who discovered a Home-tek hot pot on eBay for hardly any money at all.  It can be found as “Home Tek Stainless Steel Hot Pot (model HT335 )

This is the pot I use for warming and softening my Friendly Plastic ( at least for smaller items). it has a thermostatic control and a keep warm feature.  You do not have to have the lid on it for it to stay at the right temperature.   In fact I have absolutely no idea where the lid is now, because the device has never even seen my kitchen and has only ever cooked Friendly Plastic.   the pot itself comes away from the base for easy washing (not sure what “washing” is, but it does make it very easy to refill with water!)

If you can’t find another on eBay then try this place:–cpgn-1.html  where it is on sale (clearance) for £15 instead of £40.

If you want to see one in action then watch the Friendly Plastic show on Create and Craft on Thursday 25th august at 1pm.