Lizzie Doll Show In Detail

Thank you for all the emails, Twitter messages, Facebook messages, and Blog comments about the Friendly Plastic show yesterday, I am glad you enjoyed.  I was amazed at how much time I had to demonstrate; at least it felt like a long time, perhaps you did not think so!  Lesley was the lucky winner of the Cup of Chance and she will be receiving a little something in the post.

Here are some images of the show samples for you to see in more detail.

A “traditional” Lizzie Doll, Phillipa Phlatbak is a  brooch, but the face and hands have been made using Friendly Plastic Pellets coloured with Mica Powders, and the skirt has been decorated with Rubons.

Dora is a dancing Lizzie Doll made using the kit on the Create and Craft show and some of the glitter ribbon.  Her body was twisted slightly to give her more character and movement.

This little fluffy haired Freddy has a flat body with the arms and legs sandwiched between the two layers.  His hair is some velour yarn.

Dotty here, has a skirt made from the ribbon in the C&C kit decorated with the foils from the foil pack.  her arms, legs and face are made using Mica Powder coloured Friendly Plastic pellets.

Carley (little and strong) has no fabric or ribbon, she is just made from Friendly Plastic and wire.  Arms, Legs and face are Mica powder coloured Pellets, and her body and two tiered skirt are Friendly Plastic sticks.  her legs are made using the eye pins in the C&C pack and are articulated so they can wiggle and move.

Farrah is an angelic fairy with glitter edged wings and decorative ribbon skirt. I think she comes from a cold climate as her Friendly Plastic Pellets hands and face have been coloured with Mica Powders.  Farrah’s hair adornment is one of the flowers in the embellishment pack on the C&C show.  Her hair is made using eyelash yarn

Felicity is a fairy who does not publicise the fact, she only has a suggestion of wings made using bent wire.  Her skirt is hand dyed scrim and her legs are ribbon yarn.

Pattie is a puppet, or she would be if I knew more about puppet making!  Her arms and legs are made using the eye pins in the C&C kit with Friendly Plastic wrapped around them.  Joints are linked at ankles, knees, wrists and elbows.

You can see the detail of the articulations in this photo of Pattie’s ankles

Nothing to do with dolls, this image is of a very simple Christmas tree made from Friendly Plastic triangles.  These were decorated using Rubon transfers which were supposed to be on the show, but there was a hitch…. next time perhaps.

Friendly Plastic decorated with Rubons feature again in this pendant made using one of my new Pendant trays and MagiGlos.  I added more Rubons in between the two coats of MagicGlos to give it a sense of depth and to make the second layer appear to float over the first.

Polymer clay artists will be familiar with Skinner Blends, (great method for blending two colours together to give a wonderful gradation), this is my less than brilliant attempt at such a blend using Friendly Plastic pellets.  The beauty of using pellets to cover a pen is that you can achieve a seam free finish.  The over decoration is Rubon words.

Using the flower sequins from the embellishment kit on the show, you can make some really fun beads with either Pellets or sticks.  A very firm hand is needed to roll the beads to make the sequins stick.

I have loads more samples, some of which are I showed after the previous C&C show, others will have to wait until we feature the Rubons, which I sincerely hope will happen next time.  Speaking of next time, I have a tentative date of the 14th September, but as you know, keep a close eye on the blog, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook and I will update you when I know more.

Have a great weekend.