Up Close – Images From The Create And Craft Show

Thanks for all the lovely comments via the blog, and email (into the show and direct to me) etc, I am glad you liked the show.  6pm is an odd time for a live show as the Freeview airtime stops after the 5pm show.  I think that meant that only the select Sky viewers and those who could watch on-line were able to see it.  I was presenting with Andy who had never seen Friendly Plastic before, and I was told that he can be very enthusiastic, but unfortunately for him, he was feeling rather unwell before the show, so I think some of his enthusiasm slipped a little.

Anyway, here are some photos of the some of the things I showed, many of the other things I have already posted about, so if you want to check back to earlier posts (last months for instance), you should find the things you don’t find here.

One of the packs on the show was a massive collection of Rubons (decorative Letrase-type transfers, but made by Kaiserkraft).  I am not usually a big fan of this sort of thing, but I have to say that the packs had some great designs, and they were easy to use.  As many of you will know, I am not a great one for overt sentiments (at least not to the world at large, in private maybe), so the words in the packs gave me pause for thought.  After a long day of working on samples, and blurry eyed with tiredness, I began not to see words, but shapes and colours.  I took my scissors to the words and chopped them in half horizontally.  Then I applied them in this instance to card (edges rubbed with chalks).

Applying them directly on to Friendly Plastic was also really easy.  I managed to use up two sheets with gushing girly sentiments (perfect if you have daughters or granddaughters, not so hot with teenage boys!)

The centre green strip had lots of Christmas words on it, but when I cut it up and made it into the card in my post on 4th September, the words were just fragments, and the colours and shapes became important.  The chopped up words on the Spanish Copper stick (2nd on right) was a sheet of Boy sentiments with great colours to compliment the lovely coppery brown of the Friendly Plastic.  The Floral Garden Yellow stick on the right was covered with the more conventional flower shapes and swirls, but these were all in black, so I took my permanent pens and coloured them in.

This pendant is made using pieces cut from the girly purple stick which were pressed into a simple mould.  Two were used back to back.

Pandora style bracelets are popular, and they all require beads with large holes.  The main bead here is Rubons on Gold Spectra FP shaped using my Tubeads kit.  The end beads are also FP.

You saw a close up of this after the last show, but now you can see the whole thing – Rubon words applied to strips of FP which were wrapped around a paint brush handle to achieve the right sized holes.

The only bit of Friendly Plastic on this Phoenix mask and the two below are the beads on the end of the cord ties (fluffy yarn twisted with red cord from the Crafters Cord pack).  I created these masks to illustrate that the paper mache mask forms can be decorated with lots of other things.  In this case paint, Rubons, the black glitter from one of the other C&C kits, and the stick on pearls from the show.  You can make any of these three masks in just a couple of hours (not including paint drying time).

Instead of acrylic paint, I used a suede paint sampler (Dulux or Crown from the DIY stores) to prime the Domino mask.  It gave a lovely matt finish with a touch of texture – a great contrast to the metal gilding flake, translucent glitter and stick on pearls that I added for decoration.  The cords are made from twisting 3 colours from the Crafters Cord kit together.  The tassel ends are attached so simply by touching two hot beads of Friendly Plastic together.

Finally the Butterfly Mask was painted with acrylic paint, covered in flower Rubons and Stick On Pearls with a touch of iridescent translucent glitter.  The beads on the end of the cords are Friendly  Plastic with Stick On Pearls pushed in to them.

Oh, I almost forgot to say, that if you fancy trying your hand at making a mask, I have these three designs on the website now.  It is entirely up to you how you decorate them.