New Stuff!

Everything is back to front at the moment, I should have been telling you about the recent classes, and all the lovely stuff other people have been making.  But that will have to wait for another post as I simply have to tell you about some fabulous new things on the Rare Bird website.

One of the questions I get asked the most is how to finish the back of jewellery neatly.  I often use Transfer Foils and Mica Powders for this purpose, but sometimes they are not enough.  I want a proper setting for my work which will frame, enhance and add weight to the piece.  Now I have just the thing, in fact, quite a few things that are just the ticket – here are just a few of the new frames, mounts and settings.




You don’t have to use them for Friendly Plastic alone, what about Polymer Clay, paper and ephemera.  They come as singles or in packs of 5, prices  starting at 85p

Are you an Oooze Addict like me?  If so, then you will love these Metal Oooze Motifs which make it incredibly easy to make  unusual and professional jewellery in a just a few minutes.  Heat your Friendly Plastic on aluminium foil with a heat gun, then push the Metal Oooze Motif into the hot plastic.  Push up from underneath to force the FP through all the holes.  Cool  then do one of two things – colour the back with Mica Powders or Foil, or make another piece and put them back to back.



These are just some of the designs that I have quickly played with, but you could do so much more.  Why stick to using the sticks of FP, try using your recycled bits of FP, oooze them, and then brush on Mica Powders.  What about using your Friendly Plastic Pellets for Ooozing, colour before or afterwards.  Prices start at 75p and they are available individually or as packs of 5.   I have not even had time to make them up into anything, and I can’t wait to try out some of the new bezels as well – hearts, ovals etc.

Got to go, got to play!