Boundless Beads and Just Jewellery

It was only a couple of weeks ago, but it feels more like months that I was teaching two classes at Coles Sewing Centre (formerly Husqvarna Studio – same people, same everything, just a different name) In Nottingham. The first day was dedicated to learning how to make a variety of Friendly Plastic beads, round ones, plain ones, fancy ones, Tubeads, Pandora style beads, paper type beads, cylinders, thread wrapped beads to name but a few.  The second day was all about making jewellery, and because we were such a select bunch I could tailor it to suit the needs of each person.  Consequently they had the opportunity to pick my brains to find out the things they most wanted to know – definitely a benefit of a small class.

This is Leigh looking very pleased to have mastered one of the bead techniques, she mastered them all, but I only got this one photo of her.

Jean is busy modifying her Tubead in hot water

Maxine is foiling the ends of her Tubead.

Because it has been more than five minutes since the class, I can’t remember whose is whose, so please forgive me.  Everyone tackled all the beads, and because we crammed loads of techniques into the day, everyone finished with an assortment of beads, but a head full of knowledge and fingers full of skill

Ladder yarn makes an interesting texture in the cylinder bead, whilst metal gilding flake transforms Friendly Plastic into something else entirely.

Paper Style beads, a decorated round bead and a small red oval bead made using the bead roller.

Two 3D Oooze beads and a variety of cylinder beads decorated with Peel Offs, Rub Ons, Metal Flake and ladder yarn.

Scrunched FP Pellet beads with foiled edges also make an appearance here.

Maxine (I think!) made this trio of beads, and if you are wondering about the bicone bead on the left,  she made it using a bead roller.

close up on some lovely Tubeads beads with RubOn decal motifs.

Kim made a stunningly good Pandora style bead and a beautifully decorated round bead which has narrow strips of transfer foil wound around it.

Kim created this lovely puddle cabachon of Friendly plastic Pellets coloured with Mica Powders and Transfer Foils.  All it needs is to be set off with a lovely backing, or some wrapped wire and this large (if I remember rightly at least 45mm diameter) and fabulous focal bead will be perfect.

Another of Kim’s creations (fingers crossed I have the right person!).  Pieced Friendly Plastic with RubOn Decals inserted into a bezel.  MagicGlos is what you can see providing the domed glossy finish, in fact she used two layers with micro beads in between.

We had a great time, well at least I did!