I Am Not Dead!

It may seem like it as it has been a while since I last posted, but I am not dead – yet!

I have been on holiday, and that is why orders did not get posted out for 2 weeks, so my apologies to anyone who was waiting.  I did put notices on the website, but I forgot to change the phone message.  Anyway, the holiday was fabulous, very relaxing and totally, incredibly and utterly indulgent.  We were floating around the Caribbean on a deluxe cruise ship.  We have never been to that part of the world before, and neither have we cruised.  Although it was glorious, I am not sure it is the sort of holiday we prefer – I honestly do not know what to do with a butler, and as for all that champagne and cocktails and five course suppers, it was such a struggle to enjoy it all, I am sure you pity me having to endure all that fabulousness!

Back to the real world.

Firstly I wanted to let you know that I will not be running any Friendly Plastic classes this spring season as I need a bit of a break to regroup.  However, the on line tutorial plan is still in place and I will be working on these instead.  As soon as I have news for you of either tutorials or classes I will post it and let you all know.

Next thing I want to say is that I will be putting some new stuff on the website over the next week or so, so please keep an eye out, there are some great new jewellery findings and I will be launching some packs of half sticks of FP for those who want a range of colours but do not want whole sticks.

Finally I want to show you some work by some of my Rare Bird customers who have only recently started using Friendly Plastic.

This lovely card has been made by Hanne Ingerslev from Denmark, who also made the clever mobile phone carrying case below.

I think that looks great, congratulations Hanne on a very good job.


This wonderful selection of jewellery was made by Lone Holm, also from Denmark.  It must be the influence of the talented Barbara Lees (Owl video on You Tube) who has been busily teaching and generally spreading the word about Friendly Plastic in Denmark, that is the reason why there are quite so many FP savvy Danes out there.

I know there are many more talented people out there, and some of you have sent me photos to put on the blog.  If that is you, and you have not yet seen your work here, then please shout and resend the photos.  I have had an email glitch and lost about 4 months worth of emails.  I do apologise, and I have not been ignoring you on purpose, but I have hunted high and low on my computer, checked out back ups etc and still not found the missing items.