Gloves For Art’s Sake

And now a little plea on behalf of a gloveless artist! 

I am planning on creating a piece of artwork using gloves for the next Nolitex Exhibition at Easton Walled Gardens near Grantham next year.  The ideas are buzzing, but sadly I do not have enough gloves to make it happen.  So this is where you might be able to help me.  I can give a good creative home to any old gloves that you may have lying around, whatever they are like.  Mens, women’s children’s gloves.  Singletons, holey ones, mittens, gardening gloves, sporting gloves, knitted gloves, fancy gloves, tatty gloves, just any gloves at all.

 I need around 100 gloves

Currently I have about 5!

Every person who sends me gloves will receive lots of brownie points


A glowing feeling inside,

And a little creative gift from me.

So if you have access to any lost property boxes, find any gloves whilst walking the dog, or simply dig some out of your own family stash of odd gloves (yes, we all have them), I would be more than delighted to relieve you of the burden of caring for them.

So please get searching and bundle those goves up ready to send to me.

 If you would just drop me an email and I will give you the address to send the gloves to.  Make sure you include in the parcel your own name and address or I won’t be able to send you the promised little gift in return.

(No it won’t be a baby or anything cute, I was struggling to find an appropriate grin picture to put in here, and this was the best I could do!)