I have some really tragic news,  my very dear friend Sarah Lawrence who many of you will know,  had a heart attack on Friday night and desperately sadly did not survive.  She had been enjoying a family night in Nottingham and was having a lovely evening with her husband David, their son Tom and daughter Fran.  Her untimely death cut short a life that was so full of creativity, love, energy and enthusiasm, it is so hard to contemplate that she is no longer here.

 Sarah was a very good friend to me and many others, and her inspiration, energy, knowledge and innovations touched the lives of so very many people, she will be sadly missed by even those who did not know her personally.  Sarah packed so much into her life, she was a driving force creatively, she was the lynch pin of her family, caring for David when he was not well, looking after their two children (now grown), and caring for “The Grannies”.  She always put other people before herself, she cared deeply for her friends, and despite a very busy schedule she always managed to find time to chat.  You may only know of her through her very successful business Craftynotions, as a textile artist and felt maker, or her TV appearances, but she was a very special person and her creativity touched many lives here in the UK and all around the world.

 I can’t believe she is gone, we have done so much together, and planned so much more.

David has posted on Sarah’s blog so please visit and leave a comment, he is touched by your words.

Yours in sorrow