February Friendly Plastic Class

Do you fancy a bit of messing about with Friendly Plastic on February 11th?  I only ask because you can have a play about with FP in  my company at Coles Sewing Centre (formerly Husqvarna Studio) in Nottingham.  We will be making a Little Book of Secrets using a nifty folding technique and some fun Friendly Plastic ideas.  The little books make great gifts, are also very handy to record and store your FP experiments that you want to keep a record of, or you can fill it with witty quotes to cheer you up on a bleak winters day.  If you like the idea, then please book the class through Coles

I am not running many classes this spring as I need some time to work on my own things as I have a Nolitex Exhibition coming up this August and the deadline is April. I will tell you a bit more about this in the coming months, but it is exciting as we are taking our textiles and mixed media into the garden for two weeks.  Easton Walled Gardens near Grantham to be precise.

Anyway, here are a couple more photos of the Little Book of Secrets to whet your appetite.


The cover of my little book has been stamped and pieced and scribbled on and painted and generally had fun with.

The inside of the Little Book Of Secrets can contain whatever you want it to.  There are built-in pockets for little notes, photos etc.  I often use this sort of thing to display some of my FP samples.  Much nicer than shoving them in a drawer.