Virtuous and Very Excited!

Ooops, that title sounds a bit like a chapter in a racy book!  If that is what you are after, then don’t bother reading any further as I am definitely NOT writing, reading or featuring in any racy novel, the very thought would have me rolling in the aisles laughing.

However I am feeling very virtuous because my studio is now fairly tidy; at least I can walk around without falling over stuff, I can even see the occasional empty flat surface – something that has not been visible for the last 12 months.  All this was made possible because my very good friend Erica Thomson came and spent a day with me clearing and tidying.  I tease Erica because she is one of those rare people who love tidying up other people’s spaces.  I loathe doing my own, let alone any one elses, in fact, I actively prefer other people to have messy spaces because it not only makes me feel better about my usual chaos, but it is much more interesting to poke around in when there is loads of stuff about.  Anyway, she motivated me to carry on as I have a very good reason for wanting some space to work in.  I need space not only for me, but for my best American buddy to come and play along with her daughter.  So…… drum roll…… Linda and Mariah Peterson are coming to stay tomorrow, and I can’t wait, I am really excited.  Linda is the lady behind the Art of Friendly Plastic Blog, and the Face of Friendly Plastic in America.  She also works with polymer clay, metal and mixed media.

Linda has been in London doing the step by step photography for her new book in her series “Mixed Media Inspirations“, and she is finding the time to see a few people, including lucky me.  Last time Linda came over we did not have enough time to really get in to playing, so on this occasion we have a bit more time and hopefully we will bounce ideas off each other, have some fun, and no doubt Mariah will have loads of ideas too.  It is amazing the things you can come up with when there is more than one head on the case.

So watch this space.