Friendly Plastic Beads and Farewells

Sadly the fun has come to an end.  I took Linda and Mariah back to the station today so they could return to London.  I was sorry to see them go, we had had such a good time, tried out a number of different things in Friendly Plastic and Polymer Clay (Linda gave me a quick lesson), shopped, explored, brain stormed ideas and generally had a thoroughly fun and productive few days.  It is just a pity that those few days were so short.

In my last post I showed you the Pandora Style beads in the making, below are the results of our developing skills at making the beads with Friendly Plastic.

As you can see from Linda’s efforts above and my efforts below, it took a while to perfect the shape.

We steadily got better, but the earliest attempts were decidedly wonky.

Many of the beads were made using very small offcut sized pieces, the one on the right has embossing powders on it.

This bead I made using some scraps that I foiled (using heat transfer foils) in two colours, and the foils broke up as the bead was created.

Peel Offs and Rub Ons make great decoration.  The glossy coating was created with Envirotex Lite, into which we dipped the beads (you could see them on the drying wires in the last post).  It does require a bit of attention to keep wiping the bases of the beads to remove any drips, but the finish was worth it.

Linda added some Peel Off to the turquoise bead in the front.  The silver coloured ends to the beads will soon be available on the website, I have not had time to update it recently with some new things for you.  Fingers crossed it will just be a matter of days before I do.