Digitalis Fanciformus – sneeky peek.

A very big thank you to every one of you who sent me gloves for my textile project, here is a sneeky peek at what some of them have been turned into.  They are very much a work in progress at the moment as you can see. Flower heads dumped on the table above.  They will have stalks.

I am still collecting gloves so if you have any at all, holey, singletons, mittens, leather gloves, knitted ones, any gloves at all, I would be very grateful.  I do have a lot of black ones now, so I particularly interested in anything that is not black, however I am still using the black ones, so don’t be dismayed if you have sent me black, it is just that it appears to be the most common colour for gloves!

These two fancy flowers are plonked on my tortuous hazel for the photo, but they will not be displayed like that.  You can see whole knitted gloves make great flowers, and the cuff makes a good centre for the flower.  The daisy-like flower is made up of just the fingers of a stretchy white glove with lurex in it.

Fingerless gloves and the fingers of gloves make great little bell-like flowers, this stem is inspired by fox gloves (digitalis), but none of my flowers will resemble any particular flower, they all take fancy forms as my imagination takes me.

Mittens and cuffs turn very easily into bells for this harebell inspired creation, and the fingers of some grey gloves suggest leaves.  Staying with the recycling theme, I am using wire, thread and beads from our local Cancer Research charity shop to suggest stamens.

I plan a nursery bed full of flowers made from childrens mittens and gloves.

So far no Friendly Plastic has found its way in to the flowers, but there is still time.

All this work will be on its way to Easton Walled Gardens Just south of Grantham on the A1 for an exhibition in the gardens (outside) during August.  I am exhibiting as part of the Nolitex Out There exhibition of which I will tell you more later on. in the year.  But if you have not been to Easton, then August is the month to go.