Cheshire Borders Embroiderers Guild Part 1 – Lace

This week I spent a wonderful couple of days with the Cheshire Borders Embroiderer’s Guild in Bickerton between Nantwich and Wrexham, a part of the world I have never explored before.  Tuesday morning was their regular meeting, and I gave a talk about how Friendly Plastic and my textiles have been woven together over the years, and surfaced in  many different forms.

Tuesday afternoon we had a very full house for a workshop on my Lacework technique with Friendly Plastic.  Everyone worked very hard, and came up with some fabulous results.

A Lacework heart in the making – all the tiny bits of Friendly Plastic, positioned on aluminium foil.

Partly worked, with a few little pieces added in, ready to be reheated.

Lacework is very versatile, it can be adapted to different looks and needs, very easily; the whole aim of the technique was to make the Friendly Plastic stitchable.

Some lovely experimentation here with the addition of a beautiful Friendly Plastic flower.

Lacework made to mimic knitting, cut into a butterfly shape – beautiful.

Making lace and then cutting shapes out of it.

the ladies of Cheshire Borders Embroiderer’s Guild, made me very welcome, and were enthusiastic about what I was showing them.  I hope that they will all look at plastic in a different way now.

Part 2 coming soon  ( I stayed overnight and the next day did a full workshop, the results were lovely, as was the delightful and very old house that I stayed in)