Cheshire Borders Embroiderer’s Guild Part 2 – Everything Else!

It was only a short drive from Bickerton to Whitchurch where my delightful host Jane Rylands lives.  I could not quite believe my eyes when we pulled up in front of her house, and you can see why:

 It is more than 300 years old, timber framed and simply glorious with all sorts of nooks and crannies inside, wonky floors, exposed beams and quirky features.  Best of all is the family that occupies it – so welcoming and friendly, I was made most welcome – thank you so much Jane for your hospitality.

The Wednesday class was a full day, covering many Friendly Plastic techniques, from stamping and texturing to Oooze and bead making.  This group of textile folk love to experiment.

Examples of stamping and Oooze

Layering, texturing and cutting made these beautiful flowers.

A lovely take on Lacework, these two outside pieces demonstrate just how well the basic principles of the technique can be adapted to your needs.

Ooozed heart – the stars are on the fabric through which the Friendly Plastic has been Ooozed.

I particularly like the very contemporary feel of the textured square piece which has been highlighted with Gleams metallic wax.  simple but extremely effective.

Tubeads (not trimmed yet), very individual.

Such a pretty combination of Angelina fibres and Friendly Plastic.

Texture, texture; you can see that the choice of stamp is critical in the overall effect achieved.

From these experimental pieces to the mask below, Mary wanted to make a mask, and it only took a few words of help to set her on the right path.  Like most of the ladies, Mary had never used Friendly Plastic before, and in fact she managed this mask in an afternoon!

Inlay is the theme her – sequins, other bits of Friendly Plastic and a small piece of gold paper doily all work.

Now this is what I call Oooze!  the mesh of Crystalina fibres was dense at one end, but more open at the other,  the Friendly Plastic has ooozed spectacularly through all the available holes and makes a most interesting contrast to the non ooozed area.

Thank you again, you lovely ladies of Cheshire Embroiderers Guild, I had a great time with you.