Birthday Blog Hop With Prizes And Lots of Friendly Plastic Ideas

Not my birthday you understand, but the first birthday of an online challenge group called Craftroom Challenge.  Rare Bird is sponsoring some of the challenges they have every two weeks.  My hat goes off to Zoe and her design team for organising it all.  Zoe asked me if I wanted to be included in a blog hop, so without fully understanding what I was committing to, I agreed.

Apparently I need to write a post that includes the answer to a simple question – Name an inventive and decorative thing you can do with Friendly Plastic,and all the people who are following the blog hop who have arrived here from Maz’s blog  Made by Maz make a note of the question and the answer, leave a comment (but not the answer!) and then click on the link to the next blog which is Suzanne’s Papercrafting. By following all the hops, everyone should end up back at the Craftroom Challenge site (leave a comment here too).  If this is you, then once you have all the answers, you need to email Zoe (  Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog (via the blog hop) will be in with a chance of winning a small prize which will be sent out by Zoe, not me, as I gave Zoe all the prizes ages ago. 

The winner of the whole blog hop (has correct answers to all the questions, and if there is more than one of you, then I think names are drawn out of a hat) gets a copy of my Bend It Shape It  Friendly Plastic DVD worth £16.95

However, the sun is shining and I am feeling in a generous mood, so there will be a runner up prize which will be a copy of my other DVD Bend It Make It Cards

So, I had better get started on this post then!

For all you die hard Friendly Plastic People out there, you already know just how versatile Friendly Plastic can be; whether you are in to making jewellery, cards, scrapbooks, accessories, household decorative items, costume or just about anything, Friendly Plastic can be fantastic.  Here are some pictures of things I have made, to illustrate this point.

A collection of ATCs made with some of my Friendly Plastic samples from my demos.  The background is cartridge paper with ancient pressed foliage with gesso and glazes.

Tassles, a book, some stamped tiles for a bag, a picture frame, a purely decorative vase and a scissor keep.  Metallic wax (Gleams or Rub n Buff) highlight the raised areas.

Scraps cover a plastic pot for my tools, Friendly Plastic used in a mould (made with Easy Mold), my Lacework flowers, a box made entirely from Friendly Plastic and Peel Off stickers inlaid, and ooops, that vase again!

Another book decorated with FP, a mini,mini book with Peel Off stickers embedded, my Lacework flowers on a card, a feather impressed piece adorning a card, more Lacework on a small tag and another mini book.

I love to make masks using Friendly Plastic, and the easiest way to start is by using a cardboard mask as a base.  These were all (with the exception of those in the bottom right corner) made for the Create and Craft shows I did.  The pair in the bottom right are entirely made of Friendly Plastic and fabric and stitch, they are based on a design I developed inspired by Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ballet score.

Jewellery is the obvious choice for Friendly Plastic fans as it is so perfectly suited to all the varied applications.  All these pieces are created using my Oooze technique, and some of them will feature in the next issue of Creative Beads and Jewellery magazine out on June 4th.  I have used some of my Oooze Motifs (Leaf and Flower Heart charm) to create these pieces.

More jewellery – flower sequins embedded in balls of Friendly Plastic, my Pandora style bracelet with a Tubead made with Friendly Plastic.  Friendly Plastic Pellets coloured with Mica Powders are the basis for this pendant, and the earrings at the bottom left are pieced and free form modelled.  Bezels and mounts  make it very easy to create professional looking jewellery, especially when coated with Magic Glos or Envirotex Lite resin.  Tiny Lizzie Dolls make fun earrings.

I love to combine Friendly Plastic with my textiles, you can see this here with the  collar on the costume in the top left and the butterfly wrist band, also for a costume, and the two bags at the bottom, both made using my Lacework technique that I developed particularly for working with textiles – it provides holes to stitch in to.

Buttons, covered pens, Lizzie Doll brooches on a card, ultra simple Christmas card, stamped fragments on a ribbon and a stamped decoration for a book cover.

Friendly Plastic is perfect for making unusual cards.  It is so lightweight, that it does not make the cards fall over and is light to post.  Simple things often work the best, and none of these examples take up much Friendly Plastic at all, so it is very economical.

Hopefully you can see just how versatile Friendly Plastic is for all sorts of craft, textile and art applications.  All you have to do now is:

  • Note down the question and your answer (on this blog and all the others in the Blog Hop) and when you have them all, email Zoe at
  • Leave a comment (but not the answers) on each blog that you visit on the Hop if you want to be in with a chance for a prize.
  • Then Click on the button below to take you to the next blog.
  • The Challenge runs until 11th June.


 Thank you ladies of the Craft Room Challenge Design Team for making me feel very welcome and putting up with my ignorance!