And The Winner Is……

Congratulations to Gill Slane for winning my blog prize on the

Craftroom Challenge Birthday Blog Hop.

Gill has her own blog called Crafting Chaos, so why not check out what she has been up to.

Gill’s comment was:

I’m going to be the honest latecomer sitting at the back of the class, raising my hand and admitting I’d never heard of this stuff before your post – it looks amazing!  I have a masquerade ball coming up in October and love the idea of making my own mask.  Given the learning curve, practising time and so on, do you think that’s long enough to get to grips with Friendly Plastic and do a really good job of it?

The answer to your question, is absolutely you can.  The easiest thing to do would be to use a blank mask and decorate it.  Paint it first with acrylic paint and then add your decorations.  Friendly Plastic will stick directly on to the painted surface if you heat it with a heat gun and allow it to soften directly onto the mask.

So Gill, not only will you have to contact the Blog Hop organiser Zoe ( to let her know where to send the prize, you will now also have to make a Friendly Plastic mask in time for your masquerade ball in October, and send us some photos of you in your finery!  Winning might have been a double-edged sword!