Craft Barn Report – long overdue!

So much has been happening since the Craft Barn Extravaganza (including a holiday – a wet week in west Wales), that it has taken me until now to be able to tell you about it.  The Extravaganza weekend was another spectacular event in true Craft Barn tradition; they do such a fantastic job, put on a brilliant show, work their socks off, and give everyone something truly unique in the craft world.   Because it was so very busy, I did not get the chance to see what all the other demonstrators were doing, so I can’t share that with you, however, if you go to the Craft Barn’s blog you will be able to get a glimpse of what was going on.

Two days of demonstrating Friendly Plastic and non stop talking had me talking gibberish by the end of it.  Sadly for the poor ladies who came to my class the next day, the gibberish did not stop!  I had a full class of knowledge hungry ladies who worked hard and produced some fantastic work.  It was what the Craft Barn call a Masterclass, so everyone learnt lots of techniques and went home happy, clutching bundles of things.

Hard at work.  We spent time learning how to use up scraps of Friendly Plastic and recycle and re-colour the pieces.

Pop a small handful of scraps into hot water and allow to soften, then pick out the soft sticky pile of it using a needle tool and roll out to whatever thickness you prefer.

Heat with a heat gun to make the plastic sticky.

Dip the sticky Friendly Plastic into the Gilding flake and brush off the excess.

Heat again and re-roll and then burnish firmly with your fingers to ensure that the Gilding Flake is completely worked into the surface.  You can repeat this process with the reverse of the piece as well, and the resultant plastic will have a very different feel to normal Friendly Plastic and will be much easier to manipulate in your hands into different shapes.

Obviously we did some Oooze and some Lacework, the latter we turned in to decorative buttons by embedding the Lacework onto solid FP and cutting out shapes.


The button below is a stamped version of button making, the eyelets are made of Friendly Plastic.

The plan is to run another two classes in November, so keep an eye on the blog for an announcement of the dates.