Nolitex – Out There – Looking Good

Out There – Art in The Garden

Easton Walled Gardens host Nolitex’s new exhibition “Out There”

We knew it would be challenging putting on a mixed media and textiles exhibition in the garden amongst the plants and trees, and we were not proved wrong!  The weather has thrown a lot at us, with high winds and torrential rain as well as sweltering heat and turgidly still days.  Despite all that,  everything has gone really well, and despite some minor casualties, all is intact and looking good.


My Digitalis Fanciflora have raised a smile when people realise that they are made from gloves.  Above is “Immunda Crocus” or Dirty Yellow in English.  The flowers are made from recycled used gardening gloves.

Digitalis Fanciflora “Finxi Tips” or Finger Tips in English was inspired by fox gloves.


 Ditialis Fanciflora “Gesturiensis”  is cod Latin and reflects the finger gestures in this low growing but  drought tolerant variety.

The Watchers – 3 – 400 faces keeping an eye on things.

A small section of The Watchers (created with Cloud Clay)

Moon Garden managed to blow all over the place, even when the rest of the garden was still.

I hope everyone who has managed to see the exhibition has enjoyed some aspect of it all, and come away with a different perspective on mixed media and textile art in such a setting.  I want to say a huge thank you to my good friend Neet who travelled two and a half hours to get to the exhibition, it was really good to see you.

To see more about the exhibition visit the Nolitex Blog or you can buy a CD catalogue for £5 which has images of all the work, close up and overall, plus information from each artist about their work.  If you would like one, just email me at

The exhibition runs at Easton Walled Gardens until Bank Holiday Monday (except Saturday) and is open from 11am to 4pm.