Jewellery Maker TV

This is a rather belated post,  I should have done this before the show, but I was frantically prepping, sorting out broken car and checking up on the exhibition at Easton Walled Gardens, making sure it was still all in good order despite the weather.

This morning I did my first show for Jewellery maker TV (available on Freesat, Freeserve and Sky).  Not using Friendly Plastic this time, but using Sarah Lawrence’s Jewel Enamels.  I think it all went well, judging by the response to it all, everyone seemed more than happy.

I promise I will put up some photos of the pieces of jewellery to show you, but right now I am too tired to do that, and tomorrow I have to take down the Nolitex exhibition at Easton.  But if you like the idea of making virtually instant jewellery in fabulous colours, then watch this space.