Jewel Enamels – images

As promised, here are some pictures of the things I made for Jewellery Maker TV using Jewel Enamels.  For those of you not in the know, I am forsaking Friendly Plastic occasionally to work with Craftynotions and Jewellery Maker TV.  The show on Monday last was a sell out, which is encouraging, and I have two classes at JMTV, one on the 5th September and the other on 17th October.  Both classes include the whole £90 starter pack  and lunch and a studio tour in the price, so it is a pretty good deal.  Check out JMTV for more information

Anyway, here are the belated photos (it has been a manic week).

The Scrolled Heart Karantha mould was used here, a head pin inserted between the two halves, and Gleams rubbed over the surface to bring out the texture and design.

Here I used the Portrait Face Karantha mould to which I applied some Gilding Flake before pouring in the muddy puddle of left over colours.  I brushed it afterwards with Mica Powders, and used a permanent pen to pick out some facial details

The Pyramid mould was used here in a very similar way to the Portrait Face

The rich colours of the Jewel Enamels in JMTV’s Starter Kit worked well with the Rose mould, and I threaded some organza ribbon through the chain to link it all together.

Heat polishing brings out all the fantastic colours, particularly when you use either the Pyramid mould or the Round Cabachon.  the trick with heat polishing is to let the motif cool completely when it comes out of the mould, before applying the heat gun to it.






Crystalina fibres fused with Gilding Flake and Stellar Flash, cut out into a square were applied to the back of this piece, and the Diamond Clear Jewel Enamels, once heat polished, give such depth and lustre to the motif.

A heart shaped bezel acted as a mould for the charms on this bracelet, and whilst the Jewel Enamels were still hot, I sprinkled a very tiny amount of gold on the surface which melted into the red hearts.

Similar technique, using a bezel for a mould, but I used the rich colours from the JMTV Starter Pack swirled together in the Melting Pot.  the hole was made whilst the heart retained a little felxibility – within 5 minutes of pouring, but using a strong needle tool (pokey tool).


This mould is quintessentially Sarah Lawrence to me, she designed all of these moulds and the Jewel Enamels too. The colours I chose to use made me think of Sarah too.

I just love the effect of heat polishing, it brings lustre, gloss and shine to the matte surface which results from using a mould.  Play the heat gun over the surface carefully, watching attentively as it will suddenly become glossy, and you do not want to over heat.

I made this piece on JMTV, Gilding Flake was placed into the Round Cabochon  mould and then Deep Gold Jewel Enamels was poured in.  I did not heat polish this piece, but sometimes a matte finish is what you want.

Currently I do not have any plans to stock Jewel Enamels at Rare Bird Ltd, as the main focus of Rare Bird is Friendly Plastic, however we do stock Gleams and Gilding flakes, heat guns and Angelina and Crystalina fibres.

I am delighted to keep Sarah’s flame alive by presenting one of her creative  innovations on Jewellery Maker TV.