Wonderful Weekend In Wales

Not everything ran smoothly in the run up to the Friendly Plastic jewellery making weekend at Caernarfon castle, but everything turned out really well in the end.  We had a couple of last minute cancellations due to distressing personal situations, and my heart goes out to both of you who found yourselves in that situation.  However, old friends joined us and we filled the room in the Kings Gate tower with activity, laughter, friendship and wonderful creativity.


Gail and Wendy came, like me from Nottingham, Kay from Essex Charlene from London, and others from Up North. For some it was a 6 hour car journey, but the result was an enthusiastic and friendly group that was a real pleasure to spend a weekend with. Huge thanks to Wendy and Next for pitching in to sort the lunches out, you were my lifesavers.

As I managed to forget my camera (doh!) I am reliant on everyone else uploading the images of their work, and so far the majority have fallen short here!! However, here are the few pictures I do have
Kate Gatti’s lovely pieces using bezel, moulds and hand rolling techniques.
Kate’s medieval inspired pendant necklace created on a base of Cloud Clay. This was the introductory project to get us into the mood of the period of the castle. We made circles of Cloud Clay, let them dry, and covered them with Friendly Plastic which we then textured, and added Jewels to. Kate managed to make hers up into a necklace complete with beaded chain.

Part 2 of this post will have to wait until there are some more photos to show you, but in the meantime, I will just say that we all had a fantastic time, and we are looking for a more central venue with easy access for next year. We are considering all possibilities, but we do need a venue with water, flat access, and accommodation on site or close by. Ideally it should be in a nice location that everyone would be happy to spend some time in – we have quite a few husbands who like to come along and they need things around to explore. If you know of suitable venues please do let me know. However, I am currently on holiday (recovering – only kidding) so I may not pick up your suggestions for a bit.

Enough blogging, I am off to explore……