Friendly Plastic Experiments with Snappers by Sara B

snapper cracker heart sara bHow many of you have Friendly Plastic Snappers in your stash box?  If you think you haven’t got any, and you have had your FP for years, then I suggest you go and check them out.  If you can’t bend the strips from top to toe without them snapping, then you have Snappers (or Crackers as Sara B so delightfully called them).  

Jana Ewy has her own method of dealing with Snappers, she reconditions them on the griddle.  You can check this out on the Art of Friendly Plastic Blog (look on the left hand side for the Encyclopedia, or click here to go to the Amaco site) .  However, this method has not worked for everyone, and Sara B and Marylou from the Friendly Plastic Yahoo Group (see link on RHS of this page) have been experimenting with using up and reconditioning their snappers for themselves.  Marylou decided to add in Friendly Plastic Pellets to the snapping FP sticks, and this seemed to work for her.  Sara B has taken this and run with it, and she has done a lovely blog post on her experiments.  Go check it out.

Get Ready

Tomorrow I will post the second of my Oooze tutorials, this one is all about making a pretty necklace using my partial Oooze technique and metal leaf motifs.