Ooozed Leaf Necklace Tutorial in Friendly Plastic

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For my second Oooze tutorial, I have chosen to show you how to make this light and feminine necklace of partially Ooozed metal leaf motifs. Actually, I consider this to be a crossover between Oooze and Embedding, and it uses hardly any Friendly Plastic, in fact it is a great way of using up your offcuts.  This project was also created for the now defunct Creative Beads and Jewellery Magazine, so I have no restrictions on repeating it here for you.

You will need the following things:

Heat Gun

Non Stick Craft Mat

Bamboo kebab stick

Friendly Plastic in three colours (African violet, Chameleon, and Lavender) about 3cm of each colour

Metal Leaf Ooozing motifs

Transfer Foil (gold)

Tiny amount of oil or vaseline

Chain necklace or chain link plus toggle closure.

Jump rings and head pins

Beads to co-ordinate.

Cut narrow strips (less than 1cm wide) from the Friendly Plastic and angle the end

CBJ article 042012dsc_386646

Place one on the non stick craft mat and heat with a heat gun until soft (Bend Test). Position the leaf motif over the strip of plastic so that any excess protrudes from the edge of the leaf motif, and push down with the bamboo skewer to sink the motif into the warm plastic.

CBJ Oooze Leaf 2

Whilst it is still pliable, lift the motif from the mat and using scissors that have been lightly wiped with some oil or Vaseline, snip off the excess plastic.

CBJ Oooze Leaf 5

 Use the needle tool to poke any stray bits back underneath.

Repeat this process with as many strips in varying colours as you wish. Leave some holes to give that light and airy feel to the leaves.

CBJ Oooze Leaf 6

CBJ Oooze Leaf 7

Any ragged edges of Friendly Plastic can be very briefly heated with the heat gun and using a swiping action with your finger, wipe the excess underneath. Hot water also works very well for this tidying up job.

 When all the leaves are complete and cold, turn one face down onto a cold non stick mat and heat briefly with the heat gun for no more than 4 or 5 seconds, just until the plastic becomes glossy. Do not overheat, or the texture on the front will be lost. Apply the gold transfer foil (colour side away from the plastic).


Rub gently first with your fingers, and then with a scrunched up cloth to help work the foil into some of the dips and hollows.



 Allow to cool and remove the foil carrying paper.


 Most of the back of the plastic will now be coloured with gold foil. If you want total coverage, heat again and reapply using more pointed rubbing to get into the small dips. Alternatively you can brush the tacky plastic with mica powders if you don’t like the look of the black showing through.

If you want to you can add touches of gold foil to the front surface by heating briefly and “kissing it” with foil.  Seal with varnish, allow to dry before assembling the necklace.


 Attach each leaf with a jump ring to the chain, Intersperse beads and drops as desired between the leaves. This necklace has been finished with a toggle clasp.



Easy Peasey, and very economical to make.  I now have special packs of Oooze Leaf motifs  complete with chain necklace, headpins and jump rings to make it super easy for you to have a go at this.  There are 10 motifs in this pack so you can design your own version. Check out Leaf It Up To You on the website.DSC_4805

If you enjoy Ooozing through the leaves, you might like to check out all the other Ooozing motifs that I have on the website, including some brand new ones.

Friendly Plastic Oooze Motif Tree

Friendly Plastic Oooze Motif  Open flower

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Friendly Plastic Oooze Motif Butterfly

Here are a couple of the metal Oooze motifs made up into jewellery.

This is the Flower Ring Frame Ooozed, with Magic Glos applied, and mounted on to the Simple Bangle with Circle BezelIMG_3443

Back to back Flower Heart Charms with Friendly Plastic ooozed through and a small crystal embedded make lovely earrings.

There is more on my Oooze technique on the Art Of Friendly Plastic blog.  Linda Peterson is a total whizz at keeping this up to date, and it is a must visit blog if you are in the least bit interested in Friendly Plastic (which you must be if you have read this far!)
You should also check out Lucinde Van Ballegooijen’s Etsy site as she has made a lovely version of my Leaf Necklace for her jewellery shop.