New to Rare Bird Ltd – Jewel Enamels

Because of my demonstrations on Jewellery Maker TV, loads of people have asked me to stock Jewel Enamels at Rare Bird Ltd.  I have finally succumbed.

JE amethyst    JE Citrine

  JE blue SapphireJE Diamond Clear

We have 12 fantastic, vibrant colours plus Diamond Clear.  The pots are 30gm, and the Diamond Clear pot is 150g because I tend to use more of this than any other colour.

Use the Jewel Enamels on their own to make fun jewellery and decorative elements, or sprinkle it on to hot Friendly Plastic (use dry heat).

The pendant below is made by sprinkling different colours of Jewel Enamels on to hot Friendly Plastic, and then the whole thing was pushed into a mould.  The surface cracks delightfully, and you can add transfer foils, or mica powders if want to hide any black.  Personally, I think that the black enhances the piece rather than detracts.


My wire wrapping techniques are not up to much, Laura Binding or Louise Jakobsen from Jewellery Maker Tv would have something to say about that I am sure!

This experiment makes me think of Sauron’s eyeball!  I used the same technique as above, but this time placed a cabachon made from Jewel Enamels into the mould before pressing in the Friendly Plastic.  The end result is not what I would be happy with as a finished piece, but it is a starting point for further experimentation.


We also have Fusible Film on the Rare Bird website, and this is absolutely gorgeous when dipped in hot Jet Black Jewel Enamels.  It scrunches up and gives off the most fantastic colours.

Fusible Film  Cocktails

dichroic effectsdsc_4857

Small pieces of Fusible Film can be enfolded in Friendly Plastic and then finished with Magic Glos or Envirotex Lite, or simply left with all the lovely textures and scrunchiness exposed.

DSC_4889 DSC_5029

I used Transfer Foils to add colour to the reverse of some Friendly Plastic before edge finishing with more Transfer Foils.  Hot water rather than the heat gun, makes it much easier to manipulate into this sort of scrunchy shape, it is less sticky.

I have more new stuff to tell you about later on in the week, and I am excited.  I hope that these new ideas will help you extend your use of Friendly Plastic, and introduce you to things you may not have tried before.