Rub On Transfers for Friendly Plastic

IMG_0001Rub on Transfers have not always had a good image, they are often relegated to the bottom of the stash, along with Peel Off Stickers.  I have already shown you the error of your ways regarding Peel Off stickers, as they make the best pseudo cloisonne effects ever.  Now I will show you that Rub On Transfers have their place in your pantheon of useful stuff.  and if you don’t have any, then I have just introduced a range of 6 lovely patterns (2 lace, 4 floral) on the Rare Bird website.

The pendant and bead above are made using Friendly Plastic with Rub Ons applied.  They are really easy to use, as each pack comes with a rubbing stick (ice lolly stick), and they glide on beautifully to virgin Friendly Plastic. A wodge of scrap Friendly Plastic or Pellets fill the bezel (one of the new bezels introduced a couple of weeks ago) and are gently smoothed into a smooth shape.  Warm the Rub On decorated Friendly Plastic in hot water and apply to the bezel.  Trim off excess, and use the palette knife to push the edges down.  Glue the Friendly Plastic in place, and a quick lick of varnish seals the deal.

Use the Tubead kit to make a lovely curved bead from more of the Rub ons decorated Friendly Plastic, seal and skewer it side to side with a head pin with another scrap of Friendly Plastic (with Rub On Transfers of course) wrapped around the head to form a bead.TubeadsWatch this space for a video tutorial of how to do this, but it really is a doddle, and you all should have a go for yourselves.


Don’t be alarmed if you get some puckering and lifting of the foil surface, you can smooth it down again with our finger, or turn it into an opportunity for adding some Transfer Foils or Mica Powders.  I love the textures because they resemble ribbons and lace.

IMG_2239Each pack of Rub OnTransfers is 9.5cm x 30cm.  At only £1.25 each pack, they will be hard to resist.


Use the Rub On Transfers on other things besides Friendly Plastic; what about decorating a card with some of the same Rub On Transfers that you use to make a pendant, then mount the pendant on the card – great eye appeal if you are selling your work.