Friendly Plastic On TV – Again! Jewellery Maker TV

All good things come to she who waits!

All good things come to she who waits!

I have FANTASTIC news for you!

After much waiting, I can now reveal that you can watch my live demos of Friendly Plastic on Jewellery Maker TV on Monday 27th May, Bank Holiday Monday from 9am to 1pm.


SKY 655, Virgin 756, Freesat 807 and Freeview 43


Working with the lovely folk at Jewellery Maker, we have put together a tempting package of Friendly Plastic and other things, with huge plans for all sorts of good stuff for the future.  Over the 4 hour show I will introduce the unsuspecting  Jewellery Maker viewers to the fabulousness of Friendly Plastic.  Many of them are not as fortunate as you are, because they have no idea what to expect, they probably won’t even have heard of our favourite jewellery making and modelling medium, so I really hope we will be able to open their eyes and shine the light reflected from the glitzy sticks of Friendly Plastic into their creative brains!

If you have never watched Jewellery Maker then you have missed a treat.  It is a young (4 years old), fresh and vibrant company, sister to Gems TV, full of lively young talent (many of the staff either have very good facial routines or are under 35!).  They are based in Redditch and are growing fast.  One of the things I appreciate about them is their Can Do attitude, and nimbleness (maybe that is because they are all so young and innocent! ).  As a customer, you can expect really good service, as unlike some shopping channels, they buy in the products they sell, create their kits and dispatch themselves; no long waits for order to be re-routed to suppliers for dispatch.  They also offer one postage charge for the whole day – so if you order from the morning show and the evening show, you will only pay one postage charge for both the orders.  I think that in itself is a pretty darn good deal.  You can also browse and purchase from their website, and of course watch the shows on-line.  Many of the specialist demos are uploaded to YouTube as well.

Anyway, enough of their praises, back to the launch show.  I have a number of demos planned, including using Cloud Clay and Jewel Enamels with Friendly Plastic.

Cloud Clay covered in textured Friendly Plastic

Cloud Clay covered in textured Friendly Plastic

Jewel Enamel encrusted Friendly Plastic pendant and earrings

Jewel Enamel encrusted Friendly Plastic pendant and earrings

So if you have not seen either of these things (and even if you have), why not tune in, or record the show and experience the friendly informality of Jewellery Maker TV.  You will find that I will have much more time to demonstrate Friendly Plastic than I have done on other shopping channels, so don’t be put off by the sales aspect.  Besides which, you may find yourself placing orders for some of their lovely gem stones (excellent prices by the way).

The whole Jewellery Maker thing is a very interactive experience, you can text and email in, join in on Facebook, Tweet and send in photos of your work.  There is a very lively discussion going on permanently on Facebook where you can interact with other viewers too.

Jewellery Maker run classes in a room next to the studio, and you get to have a studio tour as well as lunch all included in your course fee.  That reminds me, I need to set some dates for some Friendly Plastic classes for them.  But first things first, I must get on and make up my samples for the show.

See you Monday!