Friendly Plastic Officially Launched on Jewellery Maker TV



All the days of preparation were worth it.  The launch of Friendly Plastic on Jewellery Maker TV was a success.  Thank you to the production team and Vicki the presenter, who did a sterling job, despite feeling rotten with a cold.


In the four hour show I demonstrated a very simple bead with Friendly Plastic, and tried to illustrate the fact that you can make all sorts of different shapes and styles of beads as you can see on the necklace in the photo above.969230_624327500911237_1819577140_n

As you know, I am not a very neat and tidy person, I love asymmetry and organic shapes, so making a pair of earrings that are similar but different appeals to me.   Both these beads are bisected by a line, but in different directions and in different ways. The bead on the left is textured on half of its surface using a texture mat

Cloud Clay (air drying clay) featured prominently in the launch kit, and the above necklace was made from just Cloud Clay painted with Mica Powders dissolved in a touch of water.

Cloud Clay makes the perfect base for larger pendants, over which to model Friendly Plastic – it is very lightweight, and easy to pierce with a needle tool.  The design was inspired by Japanese inro, and executed using recycled Friendly Plastic covered with Gilding Flake.600587_624327214244599_814531177_n

A bit more Cloud clay here – my wonky heart design made from Cloud Clay, painted with Mica Powders, and embellished with Rub On Transfers.  The wire was coloured with Gleams Metallic Wax.

We also looked at using Jewel Enamels with Friendly Plastic, but I have blogged about that before and posted a video short on how to do this technique.  And Oooze got a look in too.

Highs and lows from the show:

Highs – when Vicky found Pliny The Elder to be a bit of a tongue twister and re-christened him Pilney The Elder, and had Edward the Confessor doing battle with William at Hastings in 1066!

Lows – standing for 4 hours plus the hour of set up and another half an hour packing up.  But that was my own fault as I had used the chair to pile extra stuff on for the demos!

It is always a pleasure working with the crew from Jewellery Maker, they are professional, friendly and approachable, helpful and extremely cheerful.  They are a company that is going places, they respond to queries very quickly on Facebook, and they have very good customer service as well.  In fact, they have encouraged all Guest Designers who are on Facebook to have a dedicated Guest Designer page to make it easier for any viewers questions to be asked and answered by the appropriate designer.  You can check out my page here, but I warn you, I have only just set it up, and Facebook is something I still have a lot to learn about, so please feel free to give me some pointers.

Fingers crossed, there will be lots more Friendly Plastic shows on JMtv.

Now I am off to prepare for a weekend of demonstrating followed by a full day class on Monday all down at the Craft Barn in Nutfield in Surrey.  It is their Craft Extravaganza weekend this coming weekend and it is free.  Come and say hello.