Friendly Plastic Master Class JMTV

For all of you who missed it and thought you could get away with it (!), here is the YouTube version of the Friendly Plastic Masterclass show I did on Jewellery Maker TV yesterday.

Photos of some of the samples are below. Hopefully I will have the other photos in a few days.PICTURE10

Long necklace with a variety of Friendly Plastic beads.


Neck piece using Friendly Plastic set into rings and coloured with Stellar Flash and Gilding FlakePICTURE17

Fusible Film and Friendly Plastic free formed into funky flower shapes for a bangle.

With all the excitement of doing the show I might have forgotten to tell you that Linda Peterson and her daughter Mariah are coming to stay next week – soooo loking forward to that.  Better clear some space in the spare room though, and that might take a day or two!