New Friendly Plastic Tubead Video

Something I have been meaning to do for ages and ages is to make a video to show you how to create fantastic Tubeads using my Tubead kit.  It took me ages to source just the right materials to put in the kit to make it easy to produce lovely, unusual Tubeads.  There are endless variations on this theme and the kit contains four different core cords, so don’t just stick to a simple curve, try out twists and loops as well.

Although there are instructions in the kit, it is often much better to actually see how to do something rather than just read about it.  So when Linda Peterson and her daughter Mariah came to stay, I thought I could learn a thing or two from someone who makes videos on a very regular basis, not only for The Art of Friendly Plastic blog, but for Cloud Clay  and for Amaco who produce both materials.  Linda recorded her own video in my studio, and gave me some invaluable help in making the whole video – editing process quicker and easier.  I won’t say that I have mastered her technique, but I have learnt a thing or two.  Here is my first video utilising some of her video making techniques as opposed to my rambling approach!  I hope you enjoy it.